Gitib Celebrates 14th Anniversary

Gitib Celebrates 14th Anniversary

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4th of October 2015 marked the 14th year of Gitib’s establishment. The simple celebration was held at Highway 10, Ozamiz City around 6:00PM with the Board of Trustees, members, staff, partners and their families. Everybody was welcomed by Ms.Nene Villahermosa, Administrative Officer who also said that Gitib is now like a teenager of fourteen, who adores exploring and expanding her gasp of the world around her.

Intermission numbers were given by the staff, partners and Board of Trustees. The staff performed a pop dance while the BOT swayed to an ethnic rhythm. The hall was filled with smiles and laughter. Ms.Lucita Gonzales and Ms. Lourdes Anabieza recited their poem composition dedicated to Gitib which gave everyone awe in every line.

Mr. Roldan Gonzales, Executive Director, said that Gitib has experienced many challenges as it has been hit by storms. For those years, there were couples of turnovers of staff and personnel. He recalled Gitib’s aim for a sustainable development, and how it is being addressed by the government. People have always been associating catastrophes as acts of God, and no one has been put to jail because of these when in fact, the God that we know is not like that and climate change is a result of injustice through environmental destruction and exploitation. He further encouraged everyone to continue the fight.

The guest speaker, Dr. Fernando Sumondong recalled his experiences and memories with Gitib and also noticed that there were many new faces during the celebration. He buoyed up Gitib to endure challenges and never to give up. Lastly, Dr. Sumondong proposed a partnership between Gitib and DepEd regarding promotion and protection of children’s rights in schools.

Ms. Ludie Montemor, Gitib’s BOT Chairperson, also shared her gladness upon seeing Gitib grow and still actively serving its partner communities.

Everyone then partook dinner and continued the party with singing and dancing.




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